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Favourites: Berry Polishes

Saturday 6 October 2012

1 | Models Own in 'Thunder and Lightening' 2 | Nail's Inc. in 'Victoria' 3 Revlon in 'Vixen' 4 Topshop in 'Sketch' 5 | Barry M in 'Bright Purple' 6 Essie in 'Ballet Slippers'

Here are just a few of my current favourite autumn nail polishes at the moment! I'm starting to love berry tones and these my favourites for the winter months. 1 - Who doesn't love a bit of sparkle? Models Own do glitter polishes so well and I think Thunder & Lightening is my third but it gives a lovely sparkle after a few coats. 2 - I'm starting to wear darker colours on my nails for autumn and this is where Nails Inc.'s Victoria and 3 - Revlon's Vixen come in handy. 4 - Topshop's Sketch is such a great little colour. It's my first Topshop nail polish and i'm pleased I picked it rather than a brighter hue (I own too many brights). If you don't want to go all the way and wear black on your nails, then Sketch is a great alternative because sometimes it looks purple, grey or mink depending on the light source. 5 - Barry M's Bright Purple is a pretty and bright berry purple - it's easily one of my favourites. 6 - Essie in Ballet Slippers doesn't quite fit in with the bunch... But when your outfit is looking a little dark, there is no harm in contrasting it with a lighter nail and it really is very pretty!

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  1. They're all such lovely colours.


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