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Favourites: Jewelled Cami

Saturday, 3 November 2012

I saw someone post a picture of this top on Instagram a couple of days ago, in fact, they worked at Topshop and mentioned that it would not hit online for a few more days. So i've been refreshing the New In section on the website ever since and finally here it is! Recently i've been obsessed with little cami tops - I think they look perfect with shorts or jeans for parties and nights out as I don't really like wearing dresses. I doubt i'd wear it in the daytime but it's just one of those pieces that I need for the evening. I love the jewelled/gem beading which makes it a perfect christmas piece and basically I just need it in my wardrobe right now!

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  1. how lovely! shame this has to come out or winter I would have loved wearing this through summer xxxx

  2. this is so pretty. i think it would look good with leather trousers/leggings for a night out! love your style xo


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