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Wednesday Wishlist Christmas Special

Wednesday 19 December 2012

The above wish list is supposed to represent what i'd like for Christmas and my 18th Birthday and both of which i'm spending in New York. However, it's more of a wish list that would be almost impossible for me to get! I've asked for money to shop with in New York as i'm away for Christmas with my family, we won't be taking presents with us or will we have a tree in our hotel room. I recently bought a iPhone case but I snapped it so i'm after another Marc Jacobs, only made out of rubber so that I can't break it! And those bags... I can only dream!

I'm heading to New York this Sunday and i've got so much school work to do until then so this will probably be the last proper post before I go. Obviously i'm going to have tons of photos and outfit posts planned for when I get back on January 2nd so i'll see you all then - have an amazing Christmas and New Year!

Congrats to Maddie who won my 100 Follower Giveaway too - hopefully it should arrive before Christmas!

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  1. I want everything!!

    Have fun in NY! So jealous! :)


  2. I really love that iPhone case!
    As if you're in NY for Christmas. That sounds like the best Christmas ever. I hope you have a good time!:) x

  3. Ahh this wishlist is fabulous, have an amazing time in New York. My prizes arrived today and I absolutely love them, the nail varnish is gorgeous so I'll be sure to show that off in my next post! Thank you again, have an amaaaazing Christmas xxx


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