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Wednesday Wishlist: 12

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

My obsession with all things holographic has grown since my last post. The bag has sold out and so has every single other reasonably-priced holographic bag on the internet. If you know of anything similar/anyone selling it then please do direct me! I've also been refreshing the H&M website for these trainers to come back in a size 6, and they did, so I popped those in my basket straight away - at only £7 for a potential micro-trend piece I don't think it's at all bad! I also really want a pair of dungarees or a pinafore because of the endless list of things you can put underneath and pair them with. I keep finding myself in trousers/jeans so I think it would be the perfect piece. Like I said, I keep finding myself in jeans so I think the silk joggers would be the perfect alternative paired with some heeled sandals.

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  1. i really want the topshop playsuit too and that new look bag is amazing! the holographic trend is definitely becoming a favourite with me too

    i'm holding a giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)

  2. Love the all the items but my favourite has got to be the bag and the playsuit!


  3. love the holographic bag! I already have the H&M ones but I love the style of this! x

  4. Mmmm :) love your choices :)

  5. Cute finds! Loving that bra and the bag!


  6. i came across that bag in the sale and i didn't buy it. WHY! i do really like holographic at the moment, it does a very good job at replacing metallics.


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