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What's in your Pocket?

Thursday, 14 February 2013

I was recently contacted by to join their blogger project/competition: What's in your Pocket? I was given £20 to spend on (or put towards) whatever I liked, as long as it had the feel-good factor. We've all experienced the momentary joy of finding money in our pockets and their project began with hidden cameras filming customer's reactions to finding £20 in their dry cleaning pocket - you can find the video of Money Supermarket's experiment here.

I had to think quite hard about what I was going to buy or put the money towards as I wanted it to run with the theme of my blog, but still showcase a feel-good factor. I couldn't decide between buying as much as I could for the £20 or going for one big purchase. So I thought about what makes me feel the feel-good factor. Personally, what makes me feel the most chuffed with a purchase is when I can buy as many things as possible for my money. So I headed to H&M for some jewellery and bought the stackable rings i've wanted for a while and some cobalt chandelier-style drop earrings. I then thought about what I wanted to spend the second half on so I decide upon buying my first Real Technique's brush - the Blush Brush!

H&M Earrings - £4.99
H&M Rings (Gold) - £3.99
H&M Rings (Silver) - £3.99
Real Techniques Brush - £9.99

Total - £22.96

This little project made me think about the feel-good factor and it was such a lovely project to be involved in! So always appreciate finding a few extra pounds in your pocket - it's 'life's little wins' that keep us going. The most creative blogger will win £200 - imagine how many feel-good items you could buy with that!

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  1. love those rings - i've been searching in my local H&M for a while and can't find them anywhere :( real techniques brushes are favourite of mine, so soft! x

  2. I love the rings!

  3. love the rings, i grabbed some myself. and the earrings are a lovely statement piece - i have a couple in a similar style to this and they always look perfect.


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