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December Wish List

Monday, 2 December 2013

I haven't made a wish list post in a good while and as they are one of my favourite posts to create, here is lots of lovely things I want this December...

December is my absoloute favourite month, YAY! The end of my first semester at Uni, Christmas, followed by my 19th birthday on New Year's Eve, and New Year itself all make December the best month ever. I'm also going skiing at the end of next week with my Uni Ski Society to Val d'Isere which i'm sure will be incredibly fun and very Christmassy... planning what to wear has been a huge little bit of a stress.

If only I could get this stella beauty from santa this year... it's the perfect combination of mohair cosiness and plaid! I've found a similar version from H&M Trend (although completely different colour scheme) that should arrive anytime soon, if only it would hurry up! I've got a bit fed up of my favourite statement lip colour (Morange by MAC) and have deemed it much too summery so I have found myself a new favourite shade; deep plum/berry purple - this velvet lip pencil from NARS will do perfectly.

The Miss Selfridge feather and sequin flapper dress is my ultimately perfect birthday dress. I'm going to a 1920s themed evening as my birthday is on NYE. I've been searching for the perfect feathered-hem dress everywhere but sadly, this Miss Selfridge dress was from last year and isn't available to buy anywhere. If you know anyone who doesn't want it anymore or doesn't want to be seen wearing it twice then you have a happy buyer right here! For now, i've chosen a black v-neck Missguided feathered-hem substitute.

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  1. The H&M jumper has been on my mind for a while - it's just gonna happen. And the sheepskin coat... saw it on the Haute Pursuit today and thought it was gonna be a lot more than that..... UH-OH H&M frenzy coming on!!

  2. the topshop snood looks sooooo chic and soft. really lovely piece.

  3. Great wishlist, I have one of the nars velvet matte lip pencils and I love it x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  4. that furry back pack is great!!


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