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New In | Céline Cocoon Havanas

Friday 16 May 2014

I've now finished my first year at University (where did the time go?!), handed in my last assignment and am back in Bristol. Hello summer! I'm only in Bristol for a few days before I head to London for my first internship which is extremely exciting and I cannot wait for the whole experience to begin.

I had to share with you my new purchase from Céline! This wasn't a planned purchase, it was much more of a spontaneous one. As soon as I saw the phrase 'Céline Sunglasses' appear on an email from Secret Sales, I was sold. How often do you ever get the chance to snap up a discounted Céline item? Especially online.

The model is the Cocoon and the shade, Havana. I'm so pleased I went for the tortoiseshell in the end as my Ray-Bans are jet black, plus, who needs two pairs of black sunnies when you can have one in a slightly more elegant tortoiseshell. I need to get them tightened as they are a little loose, however, you will be seeing me wearing them in a few upcoming outfit posts soon, i'm sure!

P.S. Say hello to my pretty new layout thanks to Pipdig, Maisie Ivy was in need of a refresh!

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  1. So incredibly jealous!


  2. gorgeous! you can't go wrong with a pair of Celine sunnies! x


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