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Banana Pancake Recipe (Wheat Free A.K.A Healthy Pancakes!)

Wednesday 25 February 2015

It's highly likely that you've seen this recipe floating around all over blogs and social media a lot recently and I've been dying to try them out... What better suited a day than Pancake Day on Tuesday?! Pancakes made purely of egg and banana does seem a little ridiculous but after giving them a go, in my opinion they taste even better than regular pancakes and don't require that much effort. Their fluffy texture is so light and refreshing, they don't taste sickly or bloat you out and still taste like the real deal but better!

I followed Rosie's recipe and I just noticed we both have the same Burleigh crockery of which my Mum kindly bought me before I moved to University a couple of years ago! (It's called Asiatic Pheasant if you were wondering).

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