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DIY Pom-Pom Cushions | Hobbycraft

Friday, 6 February 2015

I'm not usually one for DIYs, i'll give you that, but deep down I have always wished I could sew. When Hobbycraft got in touch asking to collaborate on a DIY post using the Janome 3300, I couldn't resist the offer - the perfect opportunity to get started. I haven't used or set foot near a sewing machine since secondary school, where I was made to sew a tiny little bag during activities on Tuesday afternoons, which no doubt was absolutely terrible. Until now. We meet again.

I unpackaged my Janome 3300 and there is was; my very first sewing machine! I set it up and stared, there was no denying that I wasn't a bit scared, it looked so incredibly complex. But I read the instruction manual and watched some YouTube tutorials which eased my mind, 'I can do this', I thought. Now, what should I make? I've been obsessed with interiors ever since moving into my new apartment, and cushions didn't seem so hard. I purchased my materials and decided upon adding some multi-coloured pom-pom hems - something I think looks incredibly luxe and opulent.

I am a complete and utter beginner, and although it may be a little time consuming getting to grips with the feel of the machine - I would recommend anyone to try these out. My housemates already want me to make more in different colours plus friends and family. It's genuinely a lot of fun!

What you will need:

1. Material - I used some soft cotton from my local haberdashery but i'm sure a lot of fabrics would work.
2. Pom-poms - I was going to make my own pom-poms until I came across these ready-made strings of pom-poms, i'm sure you can find them in most places.
3. Thread - Try to match your threads as close to your fabrics as possible, but don't worry too much.
4. Ruler, scissors, pins - These are pretty self-explanatory. Next time i'd want to get myself a cutting mat and rotary cutter to improve accuracy and speed up the process.

I followed I Heart Stitching's tutorial on how to sew a simple envelope cushion cover. An envelope style at the back makes it really easy to slip the cushion pad in and out without the fuss of buttons or a zip - and it looks even more professional in my opinion.

Now I know how to use the machine, i'll be using it for lots of other things a bit more fashion related - take a look at Hobbycraft's blog post on customising clothing for some ideas!

*This post is in collaboration with Hobbycraft

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