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Wednesday Wish List | 29/07/2015

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

FINERY dress | ASOS sandals | CHLOÉ bag | ZARA bardot poplin top | H&M hair grip | ASOS neckerchief | TOPSHOP lace-up jeans | ZANZAN sunglasses | ACNE STUDIOS sweater | TOPSHOP wedges | TOPSHOP BOUTIQUE wrap top | TOPSHOP heeled sandals | FINERY earrings

It's about time another Wednesday Wish List appeared on Maisie Ivy. This time, displaying an edit of my current wants - lace-up sandals, wrap-waist styles and must-have accessories. 

I'll begin with Finery - a brand I've become dearly connected to! The Harrington wrap dress is at the top of my wish list. I'm currently obsessed with a particular shade of pink... 'Acne dusty pink' to be precise, and I can't wait to get my hands on this sweater in the sale.

Accessories wise - it's all about neckerchiefs being worn as bandanas and bandanas being worn as neckerchiefs. A 5-second way to update any outfit instantly! I adore these Zanzan sunnies - I normally always opt for a tortoiseshell (if not black) and the square, oversized shape usually suits my face the best. And Chloé! Who doesn't love anything Chloé this season? I'm completely captivated by the Faye bag in particular and never seize to imagine what any outfit would look like without it.  Oh - and the hair grip from H&M may bear a slight resemblance to a certain SS15 Céline... Thank me later!

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