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Yellow Polka Dot Scarf

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

I'm wearing URBAN OUTFITTERS jeans
COS coat (similar)
ZARA KIDS turtleneck (similar)
H&M scarf

Hey again!

I MISS BLOGGING. I really, really do. Taking the time to shoot, force my friends to take my photos (lol, jk) and write up posts is nearing the impossible at the moment. My third and final year has become a huge step and I feel like I'm juggling one million things at once.

Enough of the excuses now though; this is pretty much one of my go to outfits for University. A pair of loose-fitting girlfriend jeans, heeled ankle boots and a tucked-in turtleneck and I'm out the door (but not without my Cos coat thrown over the top... I wear it 80% of the time and should probably take one of my other 19458362 coats out for a spin!)

The scarf really steals the show in my opinion. Spotted in Regent Street H&M last month I couldn't resist it's silky texture and pop of mustard. I love the fact you can wear it as a belt too; why not?

After I find my feet with my new study schedule, I'm going to be working on completely transforming this space in the new year. Watch this space.

Photos by Dottie Bolton


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  1. Gorgeous photography - you are SO stylish missus, fab idea with the scarf! xx

  2. You look stunning! Love the scarf as a belt, looks super stylish!x

    Maddie Elizabeth


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