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How to Style | Mom Jeans X Frilled Shirt

Saturday, 13 February 2016

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Once upon a time I was solely attached to my pair of Topshop skinny 'Jamie' jeans; that was until I found a pair of light blue Urban Outfitters 'Girfriend' jeans. Fast forward another year and I'm totally obsessed with how baggy, vintage denim can look. I must have tried in total over twenty pairs of vintage Levis and not a single pair fit my smaller-waist-to-larger-derrière ratio... Sigh.

I've heard pretty good things about Topshop's 'Mom' jeans, but kept in mind they most likely aren't that complimentary... Yesterday I took the plunge and picked out a pair from their Bristol Cabot Circus store in a mid-blue, vintage-wash shade in my usual size, pulled them up and voila - they fit like a dream! Topshop's 'Mom' offers the perfect fit and vintage-but-not-actually-vintage feel. So for now, I've postponed my vintage Levis hunt... They'll come to me when the time is right!

I'm currently sorting, mixing and matching my London Fashion Week outfits, and what's more fun than playing with a few ensembles on Photoshop. I've selected my favourite shirt of the season - Miu Miu's frilly striped pale blue - and found some high-street inspired versions to play mix 'n' match with.

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