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Saturday, 11 February 2017

If you're a follower of my Instagram (which I apologise for updating a lot more regularly than here), you'll know that I recently hit the slopes in Val d'Isere toward the end of last month. Not only were the conditions perfect but I also brushed up on my skiing with a fab instructor (thanks Pascal) and am already dying to visit a new resort next season.

This was my fourth trip and now I'm feeling pretty confident I want my clothing to reflect that. Fusalp is my go-to for elegant, quality skiwear; fusing high-performance designs with beautiful belted styles with cinched-in waists and fur detailing, accentuating a feminine silhouette. I picked up my Fusalp jacket online at 40% off - always shop around to find a style you'll still like years down the line.

Recently, a handful of highstreet retailers have caught onto the need for more choice in the world of skiwear, producing their own fashion-forward and affordable lines. Some great examples of this include H&M and Topshop's 'SNO'. For discounts, head to TK Maxx, Sweaty Betty do some great thermals and Perfect Moment has become the new cool kid on the block.

Are you hitting the slopes this season? If so, I am very jealous! Let me know in the comments below...

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